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The Heinz Frankenbach Award

The Heinz Frankenbach Preis is a baroque singing competition exclusively for students of Mainz Hochschule für Musik. It demands the planning of a short programme and its performance, including programme annotations and live moderation. It is meant to inspire young students and support them to engage in baroque vocal chamber music (cantatas, songs, monodies, …), devise interesting programmes and present them in innovative ways.

The jury comprises baroque specialists and teachers of the Hochschule für Musik as well as celebrities on the field of baroque music. There are two rounds to the competition. Beside the winner of the competition to be chosen by the jury and awarded 1.000 €, the audience present at the public final round is invited to choose their favourite artist among the participants who then is awarded a special prize (voucher). Furthermore there is the possibility to assign emerging artist awards in cooperation with festivals like the Wörrstädter Tage der Alten Musik.

The Heinz Frankenbach Preis ows is name to hotelier Heinz Frankenbach from Eltiville/Rhein. He supported young soprano Elisabeth Scholl at the beginning of her career by providing her with the hotel’s wonderful Biedermeier style ballroom, where she could perform chamber music concerts and self-designed solo programmes. When she started to teach at the Johannes Gutenberg-Univesität Mainz, she developed the idea of the competition in honour of her late patron.

For young singers it is of utmost importance to frequently present themselves publicly in order to gain experience in performing and communication with the audience. Appearing on stage and presenting their own programme helps them to develop important skills and evolve their own artistic personality. The historic ballroom in the Frankenbach hotel in Eltville provides them with ideal conditions.

As of today, families Frankenbach and Christ pursue their father’s engagement in supporting emerging singers from the Hochschule für Musik Mainz. We owe them our heartfelt dept of gratitude!

Looking back

Heinz Frankenbach Preis 2020

The Jury

Prof. Barbara Schlick (soprano, former professor of voice at HfM Köln)

Gotthold Schwarz (baritone, organ player, conductor, director of St. Thomas boys’ choir Leipzig)

Roland Kunz (countertenor, composer,  music journalist for SWR, BR und SR)

Prof. Felix Koch (director of Collegium Musicum at JGU Mainz, cellist, conductor)

Prof. Andreas Karasiak (tenor, professor of voice at HfM JGU Mainz)

Prof. Elisabeth Scholl (soprano, professor of voice at HfM JGU Mainz)

Martin Lutz (harpsichordist, organ player, conductor, former director of Schiersteiner Kantorei)

Awardee of the 2nd Heinz Frankenbach Preis

Jara Kanzler Hemmet

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Jara Kanzler Hemmet, Preisträgerin 2. HFP, 2020 - Foto: privat

Jara Kanzler Hemmet
Photo: private

Heinz Frankenbach Preis 2019

The Jury

Prof. Dr. Peter Reidemeister (former director of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis)

Prof. Konrad Junghänel (lutenist, conductor, artistic director of Cantus Cölln)

Gotthold Schwarz (baritone, organist, artistic director of St. Thomas Boys Choir Leipzig)

Prof. Felix Koch (head of Collegium Musicum at JGU Mainz, cellist, conductor)

Prof. Andreas Karasiak (tenor, professor of voice at HfM of JGU Mainz)

Prof. Elisabeth Scholl (soprano, professor of voice at HfM of JGU Mainz)

Markus Stein (harpsichordist, organist, teacher at HfM of JGU Mainz)

Awardee of the 1st Heinz Frankenbach Preis

Changhoun Eo

Changhoun Eo, Preisträger 1. HFP, 2019 - Foto: privat

Changhoun Eo
Photo: private